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DJ Asbest who is also a Hip Hop artist in his own right (Asbest The Moor King) hails as one of Brighton’s up and coming Reggae DJ’s (selectas). After running one of Brighton's longest running Reggae nights, Recovery, at popular venue, The Fishbowl, alongside DJ Sinner (King Spinner). Asbest felt it was time to form Niceness Sound with his friends and favourite selectas.
In true spirit of his love for the music the aim of the Sound is to represent the consciousness and love brought through the movement of Reggae music.


Firstly, I just love the way records sound so I only ever play vinyl. I started selecting Reggae/Dub when when I was 15 at a night in Kent called Pressure Drop along side the legend Dave Hendly, who gave me my first "7", he was a big influence for me musically. I moved to Brighton in the late 90s and set my self up with a little bar gig on London road. Around this time I met Tappa Roots in a record shop in the Laines, and from there we started Ital Love. During this time Ive been lucky enough to play alone side Brightons best Reggae Selectors and Mc's. For years I promoted and warmed up for Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas, Channel One and King Earthquake. I've been lucky enough to select all over Brighton and the rest of the UK, and Europe. I see Niceness as an extension of Ital Love, We all really complement each other's music styles.

Duke Horse


Duke Horse started life in Brighton as a HipHop DJ playing those dusty 90's classics before being blown away by a Pressure Point reggae set by Niceness colleague and best pal Defcon One. From that night it was reggae all the way, and he soon joined Unity HiFi, playing at residencies all around town, while enjoying the chance to play alongside some of the greatest reggae acts going and honing his selection and style. A member of Niceness since 2014, more residencies, outernational gigs and festival slots followed, as well as an enjoyable stint with all round good guys The Brighton Ska Train. More recently, some semi regular microphone duties have been creeping in. Watch this space on that!


As Paul Soundman puts it, he had collected a lot of records from Dub Vendor and thought the next step would be to build a Sound System. A trained Joiner by trade and given the advice from an engineer at Fane Acoustics, along with all the drawing to  hand, Paul decided to build a Sound System. The new Sound System was to be built to the exact specifications to the plans aquired. 'I used to use a crossover for the Sound, but now we use a JTS Pre Amp which had the frequencies built in. The Sound went in to storage, but when I met the Niceness we agreed to work together, and so far so good.'  



Tappa has been involved with sound system culture from an early age following King Tafari Love, Roots Garden and Strictly Reggae. He linked with Miss Polly and formed 'One Love', later changing to 'Ital Love' supporting Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas and King Earthquake. 
Tappa has held the mic at many dances for Drum Song, Majestic Sound, Roots Nyah, Roots Garden, King Hi Fi, Arkital, Brighton Dub Club, Beta Rockers, King Kong Sound Outernational, Pure Vibracion Malaysia and Apache Sound Indonesia. He has also been privileged to warm up for the late great Sir John Holt and Barry Brown as well as Big Youth, Mad Professor and Half Pint.

Defcon One

Defcon One

Defcon One moved to Brighton in 2001 and was immediately involved in the reggae scene. Born and raised in Nottingham, a healthy diet of UK Hip Hop from the late 80's through the 90's gave him an ear for the reggae basslines and vocal samples that were littered throughout the tunes of the time. In Brighton he quickly started DJing and MCing about town at nights such as Slipjam and numerous Volks & Concorde gigs. He held a residency with at the Pressure Point with Niceness mentor and inspiration DJ Sinner (King Spinner) and was part of the infamous Unity HiFi for the best part of 10 years. Niceness extended the invite in Summer 2019, so catch him out and about near you soon!